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Worship Service


2000 Broadway, Schenectady, NY 12306

Service Time

Sundays 10:00 AM

(9:30 AM in summer)

What should I expect?

When you walk into Bellevue Reformed Church, you'll be greeted at the doors to the Sanctuary before entering for service. We begin each service with worship music, then follow with more traditional elements like a call to worship, prayer of confession, a children's message, Scripture reading, then a sermon, that is followed by Communion once a month.

What should I wear?

One of the beautiful things about our congregation is that we believe everyone is welcome, no matter what their background or station in life. Our dress code is therefore pretty casual (including the Pastor). You'll see a range of jeans and t-shirts to full suit and tie. Come in whatever you feel most comfortable wearing!

How does Communion work?

Our church has Communion on the third Sunday of each month. We remember the words Jesus spoke and then music will start. You can go up the aisle when you feel ready to take Communion. We ask that you please wait quietly in the aisle for your turn. (Communion is also offered to people who prefer to remain in their pews, though there is no pressure to participate.)

When you approach the Pastor, hold your hands out and cupped. He will place a piece of bread in your hands. Eat the bread and then walk to one of the people holding a tray with cups of grape juice. Take a cup and step to the side. We ask that you drink the juice and eat the bread at the front of the church. When you are done, you can place the empty cup in the tray in the front pew.

Return to your seat and wait for the rest of the congregation to finish Communion, and for the servers to receive the elements. Communion ends with a congregational prayer led by the Pastor.

Can I take Communion?

We invite anyone to participate who has come to connect in some way with Jesus. Membership isn't required. We do ask that you take Communion prayerfully. The risen Christ is here! His death, resurrection and presence forms and shapes us week after week.

Can my child take Communion?

Yes, they can - we don't have any age restrictions on a child taking Communion. Most parents wait until their children are four years old or so. What happens in this meal is as much caught as taught. (The Pastor prays for each child that doesn't participate.)

Do you serve wine with Communion?

No, we use non-alcoholic grape juice.

How does the Offering work?

Our Communion time and Offering happen together. While we in no way expect guests to provide an offering, if you would like to give, a plate will be available at the front of the aisle during Communion. Monetary donations can be placed directly into the plate, or placed in an envelope first (envelopes are located in the backs of all pews).

Another offering plate is available at the back of the church.

Can I submit a prayer request?

We would love to pray for you! If you would like the Pastor to pray for you or someone else during the congregational prayer, write down your request on one of the blue Prayer Request cards in the back of the pew. When you go up for Communion, place the card in the Prayer Request basket next to the Offering Plate.

If you don't want the Pastor to pray for you aloud, or your prefer not to walk up to the front of the Sanctuary to submit the card, a small box is available in our Narthex for prayer requests. Our Prayer Team will pray for you.

Is someone available to pray for me?

If you're in need of prayer, two members of our Prayer Team are always available after worship to pray for you. They'll be standing by the baptism font in the front of the Sanctuary.

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