About us

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Bellevue Reformed Church is a group of diverse individuals and families who, at our core, just want to follow Jesus. We know life is challenging. A lot of us carry scars; just as many carry open wounds from our past that haven't healed. We know circumstances and challenges throughout life can make us question our value and worth, and we know it can push to the front of our minds the question: "Is God even out there?"

We all have questions, and here at Bellevue Reformed Church we encourage you to ask them. Explore scripture with us. Ask the tough questions. Be surrounded by a group of Christians who are serious about their faith and want to make a difference in the world. Know you aren't alone in wondering if there's more to life, and become part of a church family with people who have discovered that wonderfully, yes - there's so much more.

Please, explore our site. Learn about who we are, what we do, and where we serve. And wherever you are in your spiritual journey, we’d love to swap stories and share the road with you.


We’re glad you found us. Hope to see you soon.

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