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Little Free

Food Pantry


Bellevue Reformed Church

2000 Broadway, Schenectady, NY 12306

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In 2017, Bellevue Reformed Church made a commitment to feeding our neighbors through an innovative approach - a Little Free Food Pantry.

The concept is simple - outside of the church doors is a small pantry where we as a church, and those in our community, donate nonperishable items for others to take as they need it. 

We don't have open hours. We don't require a photo ID, or proof of address. There's no paperwork to fill out, no line to stand in; if you're in need of food, you just stop by and check what's in the pantry.

We only ask that you consider others when taking food from the pantry, and take only a couple of meals at a time. This makes sure other people have a chance to visit the pantry when they need it, too.

A prayer box is available to the left of the pantry for those who would like to write a prayer request. Our Prayer Team would love to pray for you!

Interested in Donating?

The Little Free Food Pantry runs entirely on community donations.


Items we collect include:

  • canned vegetables and beans

  • canned fruits and applesauce

  • canned meats (tuna, chicken, etc.)

  • soup and broth

  • pasta and sauce

  • mac and cheese

  • condiments (ketchup, dressing, mayo, etc.)

  • cereal and oatmeal

  • drinks (coffee, tea, etc.)

  • snacks (chips, granola bars)

  • hygiene products (toothpaste, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, etc.)

Any nonperishable item is welcome! Weather permitting, fresh produce and bread may also be left at the pantry. Please be careful when donating any items in glass jars, particularly in the colder months (as they may break).

We DO NOT accept: homemade items; fresh or frozen meats, vegetables, or meals; dairy products that require refrigeration; outdated or open items; non-food items such as appliances, clothing, toys, games, books, etc.

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