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Bellevue Reformed Church could not operate without its wonderful staff. Learn more about each of our staff below!

Pastor: Reverend Heather Kramer

Reverend Heather Kramer is the first woman minister in the long history of Bellevue Reformed Church. She is a graduate of Western Theological Seminary. She grew up in Michigan and has lived in the Schenectady area since 1997. 

Although she grew up going to church and youth group, ministry is her second career. She also holds a Batchelor of Arts from Northern Illinois University in Medical Technology. Heather is an avid reader, crafter, and cat-mom! She and her husband, Paul, live in Rotterdam.  They enjoy kayaking, waterfalls, and all things nature. 

Heather is thrilled to be serving Bellevue Reformed Church because BRC is missional, is open and affirming, and is a wonderful community of believers. 

Office Administrator

Hello! My Mom is the Office Administrator here at BRC. She is here to assist you.


She is great at answering phones, keyboarding, and opening treat jars. If you stop by, I may happen to be in the office. I love to visit when I am allowed to. She says I am a blessing from God as I make her smile. If you happen to have a tennis ball I will play fetch with you. I will bring the ball back and plop it right into your hands (no bending required!) as many times as you are willing to toss it.


We like to garden. I love digging holes in the dirt (not always where Mom wants them). We love flora and fauna. Sticks and rocks are my favorite. I know she loves rocks too, but she will not let me put them in her mouth as many times as I try. We both love butterflies. I am learning not to jump on them. Jumping on them does not make Mom smile.


I love it here at BRC and I think you may too!

Sexton: Janet Kolner

Janet is the church's sexton, working hard every week to keep our building in tip top shape. No matter the weather, Janet is always seen in the hallways of BRC with a mop in hand!

In addition to taking care of our building, Janet also runs the day-to-day operations of our Little Free Food Pantry. She keeps our pantry stocked for our neighbors, and is a friendly face outdoors when she's putting food away. 

Nursery Attendant: Alissa Ballard

Alissa Ballard is a MACRO social worker and works at a local nonprofit serving children and families across NYS. She is passionate about advocating for marginalized communities and strives to create safe and inclusive environments in her work and personal life.


Alissa lives in Schenectady with her two orange cats, and writes music in her spare time. She loves teaching music lessons to both kids and adults for guitar and piano. 


She loves playing ball in the nursery with any children who want to stop by during service! 

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